25/9/2018 – Sain Smart PETG

Sain Smart, before I tested this brand, I never heard of it.

I had some chat conversations with 1 of there employees. I need to say, very professional, very kind. She was not forcing me to write the review just in a rush. The company offers more then just filaments, but that is not important here.

When we agreed that I could do the review, the lady asked me what I wanted to test. I said to her, surprise me, I review whatever you send me. So I’ve got Pro-3 Series Clear PETG. This is 1.75 mm filament, that according to them, could be printed in a temperature range of 220° C tot 250° C.

Nicely packed to ship and fast delivery. That’s the way we like it! The filament box was colorfull. I kind of like this for a change. Mostly other brands have boring boxes. Not that this is important for printing. 1 thing I’ve noticed immediately, “0.02 laser precision”. Most brands have 0.05 precision. This should be very usefull for printing. The coil is very, very, very, nicely wounded. I think it is impossible to have the filament to be tangled up here, unless human error from the operator on the printer that is not very carefull when mounting or changing filament (own mistake). Filament diameter varies between  1.71 and 1.73. Very small differences, which in the end should result in nicer prints, since the extruder has a very steady flow of filament and also should result in less clogs. The coil was nicely packed in a vacuum bag, with inside a bag of silicate to catch possible moisture. Another nice feature I’ve noticed, on the coil there are indicators to show approximately how much filament is left. The filament is not brittle at all.

sain-smart-box-1.jpg sain-smart-box-2.jpg 

sain-smart-content-1.jpg sain-smart-fila-length.jpg


My first test is always a temperature tower with 0.2 layers to find the best temperature for my printer.


For me, this was best at  225° C and 230° C. You immediately see in this test the “bridging”. PETG is much more difficult then PLA to achieve nice “bridges”.

Next up,  my calibration piece.  Temperature: 230° C., layers: 0.2 mm. No supports! This is always a difficult one, especially on the bottom of the layers. The sphere’s top comes to a very horizontal direction to be printed.



top:        sain-smart-cube-top.jpg

front:     sain-smart-cube-front.jpg

bottom: sain-smart-cube-bottom.jpg


You clearly see in the last pic in the middle of the big sphere, that quality is exceptional without the use of supports. I am deeply impressed here.

1 of my favorite tests is an owl. Again no supports!

sain-smart-owl-1.jpg sain-smart-owl-2.jpg sain-smart-owl-3.jpg

Antoher simmilar result here. The overhang is just printed perfect WITHOUT the use of supports (red circle).

To finish this review, a vase in “vasemode”. You know, starting and ending without stopping the extruder once. Printed on 150 micron.

sain-smart-vase-1.jpg sain-smart-vase-2.jpg



  • The bed of my Prusa is PEI. I sprayed some 3D-Lac on it, not to get the print to stick, but to get it loose much easier after printing. PETG sticks so well to PEI, that if this not done, your chances to damage the PEI while removing the piece, increases dramaticaly.
  • My best printing temperature: 230° C. 
  • I’ve used the temperature tower to test the strenght of the print. PETG (in general) has when used for best looks, some less strength then printed for strength and vica versa. A bit warmer printing, i.e. 10 degrees, lets the layers bond much better, but decreases the view and increases stringing. A choice you need to make!
  • There is stringing (typical for PETG). A little colder printing reduces that enormous, but like mentioned just above, you losse some strength in the print.
  • With a well tuned FDM printer, you will receive great results with this filament.
  • On their site under PETG, there are currently only 3 colors available (clear, pink, black). I find this not enough. so people ofSain Smart, please add some extra colors!

So far, this is the best PETG I’ve ever used! I’m going to change my in home use PETG brand to this brand. Great product!

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