Calibration cube

This is my own design, based on information I’ve found online, but where there was still room for some improvement, according to me.

One of these improvements is to get good measurements.
There are different Youtube movies around, about how to calibrate x, y ,z steppennmotors.
Usually then you see cubes or beams.
But printing those online examples, I realized I wanted to see a bit more.
Therefore I designed in Fusion 360 my own cube, where there are some hollowed spheres incorporated.
That way you can see not only the measurements, but also the “lines”, stringing, printing circkes (to see if the are really round), and fine “layer quality” (smoothness).

Click here to download the STL.

The cube is 50 x 50 x 50 mm.
Especially designed to print on 0.15 mm layers, with a first layer of 0.2 mm for adhesion.


I’m very pleased with the design, but also this printer (Prusa MK2s). I don’t think the accuracy can get much better. The deviations in meaurement you see here, are very acceptable for a 3D printer (FDM).

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