G-Code sound

My printer is not in the same room as the one I’m usual in.
From time to time I think: Is the print still not ready?
Then I go in that room to check and the printer is even cooled down.
Stupid…… I didn’t know.
So, I went for a solution and checked the internet.

2 conditions need to be fullfilled: your printer needs an LCD-screen with integrated buzzer and your firmware needs to accept an M300 command.

The code in the endscript of my Prusa Mk2s looks like this:

M106 S0 ; turn off cooling fan
M104 S0 ; turn off extruder
M140 S0 ; turn off bed
G1 F1000.0 ; set feed rate
G1 E-3 ; retract
(—home X Y Z —)
G91; set relative position
G1 Z5 F3600; move Z up 5 mm from last position (that way no risk on crashing on printed piece)
G90; set absolute position
G1 X5 F3600; move X to position 5 mm (away from center of the bed)
G1 Y195 F3600; move Y to position 195 mm (away from center of the bed)
M84 ; disable motors
(— play sound at end of print —)
M300 S440 P200; beep at end of print
M300 S660 P250; beep at end of print
M300 S880 P300; beep at end of print

The last 3 lines with the “M300” command, are the ones responsible for the printer to make sound after printing.

More info: G-code RepRap

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