Printing with my own rules

I have a couple of rules I follow, to obtain nice results.

  1. Bed: Clean the bed before each print. On the PEI-sheets on my Prusa’s, I do this with Isoprophyl Alcohol (IPA) 99% pure.
  2. Average filament diameter: Determine for every spool you use, on multiple spots, the diameter of the filament. Usually, I do this over a length of 5 meters and 10 measurement points. Then I calculate the average. I do this with a digital calliper. TIP: Mark the value on the spool to remember it.
  3. Temperature: Find the best printing temperature for each filament. Here I use a “temperature tower”. I designed one for myself to “read” the results after printing. This way I can see the best temperature for minimal “stringing”, best “bridging”, and nicest “layer adhesion”. NOTE: Inside one brand, this temperature can be different for  a different color. The pigments used to get the color are responsible here.
  4. Slicer: Don’t forget to insert into the slicer, the in rule 2 obtained value (average diameter filament). A wrong parameter will result in over- or underextrusion in the final result. Also, don’t forget to input the result of rule 3. Another brand or type of filament will, without the correction you’ve received, not give the result you wanted after printing.
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