Prusa MK3

Merk: Prusa

Type: MK3

Style: cartesian

Printvolume: 25 x 21 x 20 cm


Mico Swiss 0.4 mm Nozzle Plated Wear Resistant RepRap – M6 Thread 1.75mm Filament (E3D V5-V6, Prusa i3 MK2(s) /MK3)

This nozzle is made of copper and has a coating with TwinClad XT.  TwinClad XT is a composite coating, designed for very low friction. This should be one of the best coefficients to accomplish an as low as possible friction resistance, even better then a nickel-PTFE combination. TwinClad XT is also very hard and hardwearing. If you happen to work with filaments like Carbon fiber, Stainless Steel, Wood or another filament that contains metal pigments, then this nozzle will be a big advantage in wearing out, compared to the original delivered one.

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